50 Would You Rather Questions


Life Lessons (would you rather) Classic dilemmas where you’ve got to chose between two choices. All believed there’s value in reply to each of the questions in why a specified alternative was chosen the worth that was greater is. This format will appeal to men.

Would You Rather by lifehacks.io

Would you rather baby sit 3-month-old triplets for 4 hours or go with out water and food for the next 24 hours?

Would you rather relive one arbitrary week of high school or watch the video of your own arrival?

Would you rather not be extremely unattractive or be married to some one who is not incredibly unattractive?

Would you rather have the capacity to see 100 years before or 100 years in the future?

Would you rather spend two months living in a nursing home or spend a 2 weeks eating just from Taco Bell?

Would you rather speak in public for 30 minutes be with out your car for two days?

Would you rather be riding coach on a trans continental flight or have a bee sting you on the face?

Would you rather wear a tux/proper for every where you select the next two weeks or camp out in a tent in your mothers back yard for seven days?

Would you rather pan handle $200 from complete strangers or borrow $1000 from your pals?

Would you rather have a kid that you be able to have any children of your own or never must give up after one year for adoption

Would you give money to anyone who asks for the 3 months or rather live the freegan lifestyle?

Would you acquired a paralyzing fear of heights or rather lose your awareness of time?

Would you rather marry someone who is wealthy or appealing?

Would you rather have $1,000,000 now or $50,000 an of your life remainder year for the? (Suppose both amounts after taxes)

Would you rather spend a year teaching at an inner-city school or spend one month as a beat cop in the same area?

Would you rather spend one year sailing around the world or one year living in the center of London?

Would you rather have every detail of your love life or have the information on you financing made public?

Would you accept the gift of having the ability to read if it meant that you might never turn it away from other peoples head?

Would you rather spend 48 in a public restroom or spend another two months taking only public transportation.

Would you be a famous, well-paid celebrity performing only little functions or rather are an unknown scientist expanding the frontiers of knowledge?

Would you rather have all of your e-mails, for the next two months, be sent out “reply all” or have your jaw wired shut for a week?


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